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About me

I'm Janagaraj Tiruvalluvan , a professional Indian Wedding photographer  based in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . Photography is a passion. I do it because I love it, just simply because I'm able to freeze the moments. I'm often asked what kind of photography U like to do. But I find it difficult to confine myself to a label such as a couples photographer, product photographer, etc. My philosophy is that an artist is always growing and there is no reason to put limits on the artist's skills. With that in mind, if someone presents an idea, even if it is out of my "comfort zone," I consider it. Regardless, I do have my personal favorites. I love shooting Weddings, Portraits , Foods & Landscape.


Within everyone, there are artistic skills that can be tapped into, but only those who are passionate and ambitious ever tap into that and become artists. I wasn't born talented, I was born ambitious.

Besides wedding I do shoot portraits , kindly click the link below to see portrait work of mine.




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Malaysian Indian Wedding Photography. 

The Scott Garden Soho
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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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